hi! i'm spencer

Creative technologist, stubborn optimist in πŸŒ‰

Dreaming, wandering, laughing, and thinking about...
  • creative agency
    how we can give users more agency in the software they use or are used by every day and what does a healthy relationship with technology look like?
  • soft tech
    how do we create software that encourages tinkering and authentic expression, where making crazy connections is necessary rather than a nuisance?
  • people over systems
    what sort of systems do we need to create a society that cares about enabling every person to live with the privilege to pursue their dreams and create something that they can truly own?
  • authentic expression
    how do we create environments that provide a low-pressure context for people to fail and learn and scale that trust beyond small local communities?
  • living fully
    how do we live more fully and intensely and learn to trust ourselves to express ourselves without caveats?

I'm proud of...
  • Towards a Digital Pluriverse: An interactive, participatory essay proposing the "pluriverse" as a new banner for the community to rally around for how we look at imagining a "new web." It is co-created with visitors and readers of the site.
  • 100 mini-essays: A collection of 100 posts I've written in 2021, comprising personal essays, poems, short stories, and more.
  • Everyday Magic essay for reboot on the magic of the technology and why we need to and how we make it accessible to everyone.
  • My Fits Stream, an auto-stream of my daily outfits.