✌️I'm Spencer

Dreaming, wandering, and laughing
  • Seeking truth in paradoxes, beauty in the everyday, and connection in the unknown.
  • How do we create a society that empowers creation and facilitates understanding?
  • How might we embed intimacy, playfulness, and creative expression in our browsing experience?
Engineer by study, creator at heart in San Francisco πŸŒ‰
Currently working to empower people to collaborate and create @ Coda (never heard of it? check out my live monitor for a taste). Previously @ Airbnb, Square, RiceπŸ¦‰
Sometimes reading, sometimes writing, other times taking photos, and often eating.
Always looking to learn about different perspectives and jamming with curious people. Say hi via Twitter or email!
Recent writing

πŸ†• Postal Portals: letter series with friends to deep-dive into concepts weighing on our minds.

πŸ†• 04/11 Mini-essay experiment: publishing raw, lightly edited pieces semi-daily towards achieving 100 public pieces.

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// 136 words //

the gaps

A late-night poem
// 1639 words //

commitment and obligation

I was taught that hard work would bring you riches. That effort was the key to success in whatever you did...
// 1636 words //


When the real and imaginary planes meet.
// 462 words

George Floyd

Sharing the photos from the protest I attended last week.
// 1613 words

Broken Lines

When the progress of things is broken by catastrophe
// 556 words //

a twinkle

Recounting a visceral experience. On light, humans, and meaning.
// 5662 words

The War of Intentions and Beliefs

What happens when good intentions are lost, everyone wants to be a hero, and the fight against evil spills over into innocents.

Decoding your Mind

Sharing my method to data-empowered journaling and self-reflection
// 1735 words

Discovering a New Year

Learning from nature, past leaders, and the consequences of humanΒ toils
// 679 words //

The Rider

A match in the dark.
// 389 words //

Sublime Arts

A discovery in the night.