✌️I'm Spencer

I like optimistic dreaming πŸ’­ and deep thinking πŸ€”
  • Seeking truth in paradoxes, beauty in the everyday, and connection in the unknown.
  • How do we empower creation and encourage discussion?
Engineering in San Francisco πŸŒ‰ β›°.
Currently working to empower people to collaborate and manifest passions through creation @ Coda. Previously @ Airbnb, Square, RiceπŸ¦‰.
Sometimes reading, sometimes writing, other times taking photos, and often eating.
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George Floyd

// 462 words // 3 min read
Sharing the photos from the protest I attended last week.

Broken Lines

// 1613 words // 8 min read
When the progress of things is broken by catastrophe

a twinkle

// 556 words // 3 min read
Recounting a visceral experience. On light, humans, and meaning.

The War of Intentions and Beliefs

// 5661 words // 27 min read
What happens when good intentions are lost, everyone wants to be a hero, and the fight against evil spills over into innocents.

Decoding your Mind

Sharing my method to data-empowered journaling and self-reflection

Discovering a New Year

// 1735 words // 9 min read
Learning from nature, past leaders, and the consequences of humanΒ toils

The Rider

// 679 words // 4 min read
A match in the dark.

Sublime Arts

// 389 words // 2 min read
A discovery in the night.

From Student to Teacher

// 2048 words // 10 min read
Stumbling through first principles of education and learning