✌️I'm Spencer

Dreaming, wandering, and laughing
  • Seeking truth in paradoxes, beauty in the everyday, and connection in the unknown.
  • How do we create a society that empowers creation and facilitates understanding?
  • How might we embed intimacy, playfulness, and creative expression in our browsing experience?
Engineering in San Francisco πŸŒ‰
Currently working to empower people to collaborate and create @ Coda. Previously @ Airbnb, Square, RiceπŸ¦‰
Sometimes reading, sometimes writing, other times taking photos, and often eating.
Always looking to learn about different perspectives and jamming with curious people. If my vibe resonates, shoot me a message on Twitter or email!

Assorted writing below. Ones marked with a indicate fictional/creative writing. You can also find shorter pieces on my substack.

You and Them

// 2126 words // 10 min read
You needed to maintain the image, to carry on the performance, so you looked like you were doing the right things and acted like you were going to the right places...


// 1636 words // 8 min read
When the real and imaginary planes meet.

George Floyd

// 462 words // 3 min read
Sharing the photos from the protest I attended last week.

Broken Lines

// 1613 words // 8 min read
When the progress of things is broken by catastrophe

a twinkle

// 556 words // 3 min read
Recounting a visceral experience. On light, humans, and meaning.

The War of Intentions and Beliefs

// 5663 words // 27 min read
What happens when good intentions are lost, everyone wants to be a hero, and the fight against evil spills over into innocents.
Sharing my method to data-empowered journaling and self-reflection

Discovering a New Year

// 1735 words // 9 min read
Learning from nature, past leaders, and the consequences of humanΒ toils

The Rider

// 679 words // 4 min read
A match in the dark.

Sublime Arts

// 389 words // 2 min read
A discovery in the night.

From Student to Teacher

// 2048 words // 10 min read
Stumbling through first principles of education and learning