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On April 9, 2021, when I turned 24, I started an experiment to write and publish 100 mini-essays by the end of August by trying to publish something (almost) every day. Mini-essays meaning they concisely demonstrate a single principle and are lightly edited (if at all).

My goal for them is to be a forcing function for me to distill the ideas with some substance that I think about each day into a publicly digestible form, but not edited or polished enough to become a full-blown blog post to retain some of that rawness and decrease the barrier to releasing it into the digital ether. I was also inspired by visakanv’s “do 100 things” principle and the #30for30 movement to continually produce and make things. I’ve been doing this in private with my live monitor habit tracker but decided that creating a public artifact is better for creating learning exhaust. I want to be fairly regimented about getting 100 of these things out but don’t want to force myself to the point that it feels like a chore and I lose the joy of creating them. With that perspective in mind, I’d like to have 100 artifacts by the end of August.

You can find links to all of them below, where they were originally published on my newsletter.

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23 - trust

exploring lack of trust as an indicator of the low points of my life
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22 - reflection systems

I wrote an overview of the spaces I make for reflection and my intention around sharing that broadly. All the tools I use have been templatized and are free for you to try out if you’re curious!
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19 - the silo culture

Because we don’t interact with other groups, we don’t understand their struggles, needs, and hopes. We only think about us and our tribe when we go to the voting booth, when we launch products, and when we write policy.