some notes on a realization on bad vibes today and how the opposite is like infinite energy:

seamless and fun collaboration can fuel you forever. my mantra is building cool shit with amazing people. that’s the dream

  • you can be a nice guy while not understanding the vibes
    • some people are used to things going a certain way so they never encounter bad vibes because it’s a foreign concept to them (related piece on acclimating to power). Bad vibes is a learned thing when things in life don’t go the “happy path” that is expected.
    • related to ava’s eternal question around self help
      • paradox between people saying β€œits all in your hands” but they actually had to do comparatively little work given their status in life
        • paradox between advice on effort and lived experience
    • not that people have never encountered failure, they just never encountered the bad vibes. Normal hardship is different from the invisible incidental hardship…
      • like it needs to distinguish normal hardship (I have to do well in school, I have to work hard for my dreams, etc. And the invisible/incidental hardship (Im a minority trying to break into this field, i lack a stable social safety net…?,….etc>? )
    • empathy is understanding that different hardships are experienced differently and there are not well defined relations amongst all of them.

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