Talked to people at Stable Cafe today.

  • met betty and anton there and chatted them up
  • a lot started because i gave compliment about the DIY jacket to betty, wild how a simple step can result in such a cool connection and conversation
  • anton is super cool. STEAM education curriculum, spiral for french government and international school. Grew up on french island but is italian and was a robotics engineer.
  • compliments are free energy: lead to such great vibe and memories and moments and all it took was vocalizing what I already felt #ideas
  • most people are too busy with their own life to even observe what others are feeling
  • Other people will observe and have thoughts but keep it to themselves
  • the next level is actually saying things to people and doing it tactfully and not giving a fuck about what others think about you
  • really resonate with betty because he didn’t want to compromise on doing everything. Was a baker, dancer, fashion, artist, and more. When asked what he wants to do, he said he wants to do it all. What kind of art? All of it. This is the level of unabashed me-ness that i want to achieve and uncompromising defiance to change the world everything is malleable

These are the kinds of people I had hoped to meet in San Francisco when I moved out. The audacious, curious world changers that won’t take no for an answer. There’s an obstinant defiance in making the impossible happen, whether it’s fulfilling all loved passions like betty or crafting an education that values the arts along with science and math and engineering.

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