thinking for 100posts that I stop sending everyone an email all the time just send them weekly updates to be less? Good opportunity for me to summarize how I’m feeling too and review my writing. start this week?

discovered dk today who did a public journaling thing with Road to Ramen to document his journey to get enough money from the tools he made that he could survive on ramen. This is sort of what I was aiming at with 100posts, but it keeps ending up feeling like more pressure since I’m notifying everyone on my list.

What I want to spend my time on has been on my mind lately. At this current moment, I’m splitting my time between a big launch my team at coda is working on, picking through my photos from travel/2021-08-28 alaska and generally creating themes of photo projects to display on my website, my 100posts experiment, writing a piece about transactional intimacy and bridging the data moat, and working on side projects to create tools that facilitate more flexible and more human expression in our software (soft tech), specifically to connect ourselves with pieces of our digital history that matter (gratitude journal, time capsules, and waypoints). There isn’t enough time, let alone motivation, so I just need to pick them off one piece at a time and prioritize the ones that I feel like I can make the most difference in pushing forward and need the most pushing forward. I think my creative projects are a mix of ones that help me explore and share my identity with the world and ones that I have a giddy excitement for the end-impact they’ll have on others and what they’ll enable others to do. I want to create for my own self-exploration and the resulting opportunity for emotional resonance with others, and at the same time, I want to create for me and the broader community to enable worlds that we haven’t seen yet and dreams that we haven’t been able to dream of. I want to push the boundary for what we consider possible and “normal.”

concept of abstraction vs. depth in all of these personal snapshots on personal websites and others. the public journals give depth but not something high level. The abstraction gives you ability to see across everything. How do you get both easily?

This is the 49th installment in my experiment of publishing raw, lightly edited mini-essays every day towards achieving 100 public pieces. Check out the rationale and the full list here.