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| Postal Portals: a series of letters with friends to deep-dive into concepts weighing on our minds. This is on pause after Fall 2021.

| Mini-essay experiment to publish raw, lightly edited pieces semi-daily towards achieving 100 public pieces.

I finished at the end of 2021!
why do I write?

I first caught the writing bug in third grade when I wrote a story about a wizard on a space adventure, but I treated the bug as an infection--a distraction from the “professional” classes that I needed to pursue the STEM career my parents desired for me. Math and science were to come before magical incantations and ethical dilemmas. In college, I found the freedom to explore my writing alongside my academic obligations of computer science and calculus and accounting and started a blog to share my inner thoughts with the world. Since then, I’ve continued to write on my blog (which has transformed into this website) in both reflective posts, argumentative essays, and short flash-like fiction and maintain a personal newsletter where I share thoughts and updates and personal essays.

I end up setting aside time every day before I start work to write and explore and sometimes find myself seized with bursts of inspiration that I must empty onto paper in the early morning hours. I rigorously give myself space to write even though I’m primarily a writer of passion because writing is how I think, explore, and dream. It’s my submarine to probe into the depths of my subconscious and excavate those submerged emotions and cravings. It’s my limitless blank canvas, where I can freely shape rules and assumptions as I please to convey a feeling or traverse an experiment. It’s the portal to entirely new worlds and universes, where I can play both god, in manifesting my emotions in the literary flesh, and the background observer, in watching how the characters and systems develop naturally in that artificial environment.

All my public writing is here in some form. I write for emotional resonance, so if something I’ve written strikes a chord, please send me a note ( or ). Subscribe to stay up to date!

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[TI-09] the internet is one big video game

I like newsletters that feel more like dispatches than editorialized posts. Inspired by Laurel and Robin, I’d like to share a little bit about where I am and where I’ve been lately. I write this…
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believing in believing in people

Today, I had two encounters with people that reminded me how beautiful, loving, and gracious people are. They didn’t happen in a glittering room or a grungy exhibit; they happened in unexpected,…
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look for surprise, submit to surrender, embrace abandon. it might be your greatest responsibility
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first winter chill

That first winter chill. A cool breeze from the south penetrates your skin sinking deep into your bones. It makes your skin crawl, a shiver snakes up your arm, around your neck, down your spine. But it…
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life of a romantic

If you grabbed me by the nape and started rolling me up, the way one folds a collapsible picnic blanket. That is to say, with difficulty getting the right angles, tucking in stray bits, and eliminating air…
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reminders when worrying about whats next

I hate the mindset I’m stuck in right now: always thinking about the next thing, worrying about what’s to come, comparing plans and evaluating paths like an open-world build-your-own-adventure game where you can only compare plans, never…
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the little moments are what we live for

Often I find it exceptionally uncomfortable to inhabit a state of absolutes. Yet in those rare moments when it doesn’t feel like that, I feel limitless. Like I am in perfect harmony with the world. This manifests in my difficulty in…
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give fiercely, spend freely

“Purity does not lie in separation from but in deeper penetration into the universe” — Teilhard de Chardin. I just read The Writing Life by Anne Dillard (thanks to Jacky for the rec), which ends with this quote. The book is a wonderful…
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finding ground

I’ve been going nonstop lately. This is unusual for me because I like to take things slowly, revel in the space between moments. I’ve noticed that I increasingly feel rushed. Time feels like grains of sand slipping between my fingers, as…
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realizations & transformative moments

These past couple of months have been fruitful for realizations. They were simple—most likely things my subconscious has always known but never accepted. Here’s a list for reminding myself of the truths that matter. One. For a long time, I…
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making hard things easy

When I feel overwhelmed, my usual coping mechanism is to retreat into my personal routines, practices where I feel invisible, where I can meld into the world around me, feel as if I’m a part of the all-powerful universe rather than my so…
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punctuated by wonder

Last night, M asked me about rose, thorn, bud about my time in New York this time around as it comes to an end. My natural expectation for a rose is something big, meaningful, big announcement and showers of confetti, so it was…
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loose fear

Becoming unhinged. Or processing my desire to be immune to fear. Or an anthology of my worries, Plus some life updates
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a meditation on adventure

I barely slept last night. The unofficial fireworks (I presume in celebration of Pride) and loudspeaker music (an occasional phenomenon) from the streets didn’t help. But what really kept me up was the energy brewing in my navel. The fire…
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beautiful internet

the internet and web that we really want—a collective, pluralistic, intimate, and beautiful one.
// 466 words //

99 - beginnings

Exploring the concept of beginnings through a creative medium
// 472 words //

98 - quiet confidence

Quiet confidence is when you’re able to naturally take your time, take up proper space, and be unapologetically yourself without putting down anyone else or manufacturing dependence.
// 549 words

97 - glorious purpose

I’m a strong believer that we create our own meaning—something can be meaningful for no other reason than the fact that we believe it so. In that sense, I think all of us have a glorious purpose in creating the change and meaning that we want to see in the world.
// 815 words

96 - reclaiming time

What if anyone could reclaim control of time for themselves? What does a world look like where we challenge Time for control but that power is free for anyone to seize rather than only the wealthy and powerful?
// 383 words

93 - dance

I think dancing really teaches you to trust your instinct for what’s “right” broadly, as in everything I do has value for no reason other than the fact that I chose to do it. It’s an exercise in asserting yourself and trusting yourself to do things that you like.
// 664 words

91 - amulets

If poems are just “things made” that exist for their own sake and meaning, then these amulets are meaning lighthouses in a space of so much context collapse and narrative war.
// 973 words

90 - future of tools

What is the future of the tools we use every day, and will web3 push them to become more community-led and empowering or will it force unnecessary structure and unwelcome incentives into a relatively “innocent” space?
// 2170 words //

Everyday Magic

Tech is magical, but it shouldn’t be mysterious.

originally written for reboot.
// 844 words

living to provoke

I want my projects to push people to think in a different way and challenge them to reconsider reality in a new light. I want to make crazy ideas feel realistic, extreme fictional worlds feel relatable, complex creative environments feel approachable.
// 496 words

86 - scope of normality

Normal is variable, an always-shifting concept in our minds, that binds us together or drives us apart.
// 747 words

84 - financialization

I crave for an internet-native space where it’s okay to just be yourself and let your hair down—where making things that are worthless and inefficient are not only allowed but encouraged rather than squeezed for every penny they’ll generate.
// 374 words

83 - allure of ephemerality

In the web3 world, where everything is permanent, stored on-chain forever. This chaotic, ephemeral process of creation is especially compelling. It harkens to the instability of the current Internet…
// 334 words

76 - urgency

Urgency is important because it imbues energy
// 616 words

72 - soothing fire: a raging fire that cools

The goal state is an oxymoron. A feathery intensity, a gentle hurricane, a soothing fire. It means being uncompromising about what you love and fight for, but also embracing playfulness in every moment.
// 558 words

66 - unstoppable expression

…like when you get the star in MarioKart—there’s nothing, no one that can stop you from achieving your dreams and realizing your vision.
// 678 words

61 - opportunity

I never want to tone down my intensity or dilute my flavor for the sake of others.
// 564 words

58 - perception

I explore appearance as a gateway to connection. At first, it’s all we know, but eventually, it becomes just the key for unlocking a deeper connection. Deep emotional connection is all around us for the taking; we just have to be willing to dig for it and receive it when it appears.
// from my newsletter

47 - fear

Fear told me there was a hard script for me to follow, that deviating from the script meant certain failure, a sure way to give up everything I had built thus far.
// from my newsletter

45 - re-solved problems

How did we end up in a place where some of the smartest people in our society are stuck re-solving the same hard problems and re-implementing the same solutions we’ve seen before?
// 1573 words //

Liminal Illusions

exploring the liminality of vegas and how it exposes the absurdity of our day-to-day
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43 - kindness journal

Compliments are one of the few things that are infinite energy machines. It’s free to think of and give, and each one generates so much equivalent energy in happiness.
// 798 words //

denim personality

an exploration of how fashion becomes a part of your personality, why it came to matter so much to me, and rejecting the “uniform”
// 798 words //

34 - denim personality

an exploration of how fashion becomes a part of your personality, why it came to matter so much to me, and rejecting the “uniform”
// from my newsletter

33 - the same thing

“They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, yet persistence is the key to success.”
// from my newsletter

32 - chasing stability

It’s a fable of chasing after what we can’t reach, of putting our real life on hold to live out someone else’s idea of a life, of deferring to society’s pressures and whims rather than seizing each day, every single fleeting moment for ourselves to enjoy.
// 136 words //

the gaps

A late-night poem
// 1325 words //

29 - uneven time

A world where time is uneven, the image to maintain, and the power of mindsets
// 1325 words //

uneven time

A world where time is uneven, the image to maintain, and the power of mindsets
// from my newsletter //

28 - a drop of color

a cap to my time in New York. On post-travel sadness and what places leave you with. plus a couple fun bonuses like a riff on a song and a haiku.
// from my newsletter

26 - do more, be more

a reflection on what New York asks of you and how that environment shapes the default shaping of a person
// from my newsletter

23 - trust

exploring lack of trust as an indicator of the low points of my life
// from my newsletter

22 - reflection systems

I wrote an overview of the spaces I make for reflection and my intention around sharing that broadly. All the tools I use have been templatized and are free for you to try out if you’re curious!
// from my newsletter //

19 - the silo culture

“Because we don’t interact with other groups, we don’t understand their struggles, needs, and hopes. We only think about us and our tribe when we go to the voting booth, when we launch products, and when we write policy.”
// 1639 words //

commitment and obligation

I was taught that hard work would bring you riches. That effort was the key to success in whatever you did…
// from my newsletter

10 - dampening of curiosity

I never want to feel so comfortable that I feel scared to leave. I want to teeter in that grey, liminal space between the edge of my comfort and the known boundary of the unknown, a place of greater risk but also greater reward…
// 922 words //

8 - craft over career

what if we chose to optimize our craft rather than our career? The implication is that everything we do, everything we’re doing right now is the most important thing, not just some stepping stone for some “better” future.
// 922 words //

craft over career

what if we chose to optimize craft over career? It means everything we’re doing right now is the most important thing, not just a stepping stone towards some “better” future.
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2 - vibe tribes and finding psychological oxygen

This is what a vibe tribe is for, a space that fosters psychological oxygen by default. A community where you can be yourself and feel encouraged rather than pressured to create and express yourself authentically.
// from my newsletter

towards 2021

reconciling different selves, fiction as a tool for demonstrating principles, and the evolution of the passion economy
// 1636 words //


When the real and imaginary planes meet.
// 462 words

George Floyd

Sharing the photos from the protest I attended last week.
// 1612 words

Broken Lines

When the progress of things is broken by catastrophe
// 556 words //

a twinkle

Recounting a visceral experience. On light, humans, and meaning.
// 5660 words

The War of Intentions and Beliefs

What happens when good intentions are lost, everyone wants to be a hero, and the fight against evil spills over into innocents.
// 1735 words

Discovering a New Year

Learning from nature, past leaders, and the consequences of human toils
// 679 words //

The Rider

A match in the dark.
// 389 words //

Sublime Arts

A discovery in the night.
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