thumping beats, reverberating ground
a ritualized welcome or
a dreadful threat to
the entrants

strangers and substances
a perfect match for forgotten
nights and regrettable

the empty spaces of life
those                             gaps
in the
space           between
the lived and the unlivable
between the vocalized
and the          omitted

water surges from
within to fill those
that make us
ache with the rhythm
of that fateful beat,
that make us
rage with the hot fury
of those substancesโ€™ burn

I reach out for the spaces
yet they reach away
an infinite chase, head
after tail
a still, pristine lake above
a single drop triggers
the climax below

These gaps exist to be reached
Yes, we live for reaching
but oh! the trials
the tribulations to
traverse              all thatโ€™s left is to
                hope and 
    beyond the reachable