I like to create software that is beautiful, poetic, playful, and empowering. These are some of the things I’ve created and tinkered on towards that end. I want software creation to feel more like home-cooking. I want to taste software, to pass ingredients and side dishes as we pair, to make lil apps with our hodgepodge of leftovers… I’m hoping my work will forward a world that looks like that.

wall of windows

a set of live-updating windows that show slices of my life in real time.


Pacman reimagined as an interactive poetry game. A simplified version was published in taper 8, an issue of a computational poetry journal.

Created in collaboration with Kelsey.

Verses Verses

A collection of transforming verses from the verses community and an interactive lab to make your own.

Created in collaboration with Verses.

Transforming Text

an open-source library for creating transforming text.

Created in collaboration with Jacky.

Twitter Pack

A Twitter pack for Coda which gives you the ability to manipulate data from Twitter the way you want and find the things that you remember without messing with a complicated API.

Towards a Digital Pluriverse

An interactive, participatory essay proposing the β€œpluriverse” as a new banner for the community to rally around for how we look at imagining a β€œnew web.” It is co-created with visitors and readers of the site.

Created in collaboration with Verses.
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Fits Stream

A stream of my daily outfits.

Decoding your Mind

Sharing my method to data-empowered journaling and self-reflection